Amrita Medical

Amrita Medical Center established in 2003 under the management and authority of Dr. Abdul Karim Al Ramahi, a Specialist Pediatrician by profession and expert in his medical field.

We have a team of highly qualified medical professionals and an around the clock dedicated administration team who will be pleased to assist you with your healthcare needs. Our purposely-built facilities enable our team to provide you with high quality medical care in a modern, high-tech, and comfortable atmosphere that is conveniently at your reach.

AMC  provides expert medical care in Internal medicine, Dental ,ENT, Urology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology & Cosmetic, Orthopedic, Physiotherapy ,Obstetric  & Gynecology and Radiology.

Our aim is to combine uncompromising excellence in clinical expertise, with the most advanced technology and a strongly patient-focused approach that ensures outstanding total care.


Commitment to making  Amrita Medical Center the provider of choice for quality healthcare services in the community


Deliver high quality health services, meeting the needs while equally respecting the unique needs of each patient, resulting in a happier and healthier community.


Patient Centricity

We achieve this through strict adherence to our core values, which are: