Dr Rafeek Yusuf 

MBBS,1972 (Kerala University India )
• MS,1975 (Kerala University India)
• MCH, Urology (All India Institute of medical services, New Delhi )
• Professor of Urology , Kerala University India
• Consultant & Chief of Urology of Mafraq Hospital (1997-2009)
• Member of Indian Association of Urology
• Member of American Urology Association
• Consultant AMC, July 2099

  • Post-Void residual urine estimation by US-Scan 

  • Trans rectal US-Scan /Trus biopsy of prostate

  • Visual internal uretrotomy LA

  • Stiching of minor wounds LA

  • Biopsy of testis LA

  • Cystoscopy &removal of DJ Stents,

  • Catherization Urethal

  • Intia-Vesical installation of drugs/vaccine

  • Cauterization/Excision of genital lesions

Dr Rafeek Yusuf 

Consultant Urologist

Language Spoken
  • Hindi

  • English

  • India

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