Providing Training Material 
Network _List_14 
Provider Network & New cards_AD
Aramak Gulf Limited _ Amrita Medical Center 
DOH Addendum
Y29 Amrita medical Center _SPC Effective 1/11/2020
Provider Manual 2019
Silver Card Replaced with Gold Card Communication
152_Saico Care _ Provider Manual _ Review 2 _MZ
New Amareeta Pharmacy 
SAIF BIN DARWISH Policy Cancellation -Inayah
Manual 362_190617
Private Provider
Saico_ Dental Pricelist (40%)
Amrita Medical Centre Dental Tariff
Amrita Medical Center 
Manual _V1R2
Saico_ Dental Price
07459_Saico Staff _ A Ref. No. 033- A
New Card Acceptance_Octal SAOCC FZC
Pre Approval Mandatory
New Business Inayah_NL GIC OMAN AIRWAYS
Circular _Direct Billing Limits Networkwise

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