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Heart Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Amrita Medical Center´s cardiology division is furnished to manage an extensive variety of heart conditions, utilizing both safeguard and restorative treatment modalities.

The following examinations are routinely done:

Diagnostic tests - Electrocardiogram (ECG) - recording of the electrical waves from the heart to evaluate the heart rate, cadence, heart divider thickness and chamber augmentation and additionally early identification of heart assaults.

Chest x-ray - To evaluate heart measure and to search for early indications of heart disease.

Holter monitoring - A little walkman measure gadget attached to the chest with wires, which records the ECG for 24 hours. This will be dissected by a unique PC. The last report demonstrates to us the 24 hour example of the heart cadence at work and when at rest. The readings are assessed by our senior specialists.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring - An exceptional circulatory strain sleeve is associated with the patient's arm which records the pulse and heartbeat rate on a tape recorder.

Treadmill test - The patient strolls on an electronic treadmill at a foreordained speed and inclination. The pulse, heart rate and ECG are ceaselessly observed by the PC amid the activity. This is a touchy test to recognize early indications of coronary illness, uncommonly heart assaults or blockage in the coronary courses. This test is constantly led within the sight of a cardiologist.

Preventive cardiology - Hazard calculate profiling is accomplished for all patients going to the division. Early discovery and treatment of hazard components for heart assaults is the main technique for diminishing the frequency of death and incapacity because of heart attacks.

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