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Your Eyes Are Precious

In the Eye Care Clinic we perform routine eye exams, and detect eye disease. The doctors are specialized in examination, diagnosis and treatment of impairment and diseases of the visual system. Treatments may include prescription of medicine and glasses.

What happens during an eye exam?
A comprehensive eye exam begins with a complete health history. Allergies, chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes), prescription and non-prescription drugs and health conditions such as high blood pressure can all affect your vision. The ophthalmologist will check the interior and exterior eye as well as the surrounding area for defects and disease, and assess the ability to see clearly at near and far distances, eye coordination, color vision, depth perception, refractive error and field of vision. Based on the results of this examination, the ophthalmologist may prescribe medication, corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses) or vision therapy as needed.

How often you should have your eyes checked - Eye examinations are an important part of preventive care.

  • Anyone with a history of vision problems should get routine eye exams.
  • If you experience squinting, blinking, rubbing eyes frequently, headaches, changes in vision or difficulty with visual concentration within arm's length, get an eye exam, because these may be signs of eye problems.
  • People who wear contact lenses should get an exam annually.

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