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Amrita Medical Center enriches the UAE Medical Sector

AMRITA MEDICAL CENTER is a vital ambulatory healthcare resource established in 2003 under the management and authority of our Medical Director Dr. Abdulkarim Al Ramahi, a specialist Pediatrician by profession and expert in medical field.

He along with his multi-national team of highly experienced professional staff in various fields of Medical, Surgical, Dental, Radiology, Physiotherapy and Laboratory offered their clients and their families the best of their expertise in promoting quality patient care in the service of community.

The Medical Center occupies 6 villas connected with each other comprises of 26 medical, clinics & dental clinics. It has also Radiology, Laboratory & Physiotherapy equipped with the best State-Of-The-Art and most advanced equipment.

The center also includes a well-stocked New Amrita Pharmacy manned by experienced Pharmacists to take care of all out-patient pharmaceutical needs.

Our comprehensive services continue to touch and enrich the lives of all residents and visitors living in UAE.

Amrita Medical Center - Mission

To bring the highest quality healthcare to the door steps of the population we serve, customizing it to local needs and cultures. To be community partner in the pursuit to maintain state of wellness through medical awareness campaigns and health check-up, keeping in mind that prevention is better than cure.

Amrita Medical center - Vision

“AMC will strive to deliver highest quality comprehensive healthcare of international standard to the people we serve through our highly qualified medical professionals and State-of-the-Art Medical Technology.”

Amrita Medical Center - Values

We are committed to maintain the highest healthcare standards of excellence and levels of patient care.

We value each patient and their right to receive timely, professional, efficient, ethical and quality service in a safe, clean, well-equipped and well-managed setting where patient satisfaction matters and continuous improvement is recognized as a priority.

The AMC is committed to establishing goals and objectives that are consistent with the needs and expectations of consumers while keeping pace with the growing trends in healthcare technology and improvement.

The AMC is a dynamic organization continuously striving to be the best at what we do and how we meet our customer and his family’s healthcare needs. To that end, we value the importance of remaining Accessible at all times, amicable and professional, and Able to provide the best of what the customer needs to live a safe and healthy life.

AMC values will bring a future of good health to thousands of people. As such, AMC will be recognized as a Center of Excellence providing State-Of-The-Art healthcare services and unique, comprehensive Ambulatory Care Center in Abu Dhabi. Hence, the Outpatient Clinics, Centers of Excellence, Medical Laboratory, Medical Imaging and the Clinical Report are provided by the appropriate Consultants & Specialists.

AMC offers leading edge patient care in medical specialties and sub-specialties. Further, our State-Of-The-Art facilities are made available to provide our patients with the highest quality of healthcare delivery.

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