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Clinical Research Center in Abu Dhabi

The Laboratory is a basic piece of the patient care given by Amrita Medicinal Center. The lab gives best in class testing administrations for both in-patients and outpatients. These administrations incorporate clinical science, microbiology, hematology, transfusion pharmaceutical and immunology.

The Amrita Laboratory Center is, of course, licensed by MOH Abu Dhabi.

Our laboratory has a prevalent record of brilliant execution and is committed to give precise, auspicious and savvy administration to our clinicians, their patients and group on the loose. The division is staffed with board confirmed pathologists and authorized restorative technologist.

The objective of AMRITA Laboratory is to give patients, specialists, facilities, polyclinics and doctors refined lab-analyses and medical tests that meet predefined quality parameters. The laboratory features exceedingly institutionalized and cutting edge analyzers and equipment as well as highly experienced and consistently trained specialists.

Chemistry Laboratory
The Chemistry Laboratory at Amrita Medical Center mirror the cutting edge in innovation in Lab Pharmaceutical; give blood tests, immunology tests, medicate observing, viral reviews, Body liquid examinations and different tests with an extensive variety of sub specialty ranges.

Hematology and Coagulation Research center
The Hematology and Coagulation Research center at Amrita Restorative Center plays out an extensive variety of normal and uncommon hematology, urinalysis and coagulation testing

Outpatient Procedures
Outpatients who require test accumulations can enlist at the Registration Desk before continuing to the Outpatient Specimen Collection Area. Specific Caregivers will then gather examples and manage blood tests against Amrita Medical Center doctors' recommendation. Your Caregiver will prompt you on expected turnaround times for your results.

Lab Results Collection
In accordance with UAE government controls, results may only be released to the patients' Caregiver or other medicinal services supplier in charge of their restorative care. Any lab result demands made by patients or outsiders will be coordinated back to the dependable Caregiver or social insurance supplier.

Referral to Other Laboratories
As a major aspect of it benefits, the Amrita Laboratory may forward patient lab tests to different research facilities. This administration ought to not the slightest bit speak to an underwriting of such test or referral research center or warrant a particular execution for such test. The Laboratory will receipt all testing alluded to another research facility at the cost charged by the referral lab, and incorporate an authoritative expense for each test for referral administrations.

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