Eating Organic in a Budget

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

ORGANIC FOODS ARE popular among health-conscious consumers, but they can cost more than conventionally grown items. With a little shopping know how we can all buy more organic produce – here are 10 ways to eat organic on a budget.

1. Read labels carefully.

2.Focus on priority foods.

3.Purchase in-season produce.

4.Forgo fresh for frozen produce.

5.Buy store-brand organic products.

6.Shop at budget-friendly stores.

7.Look for organic coupons.

8.Purchase sale items.

9.Buy directly from farmers.

10.Extend shelf life with the proper storage.

Where To Find Organic Food In Abu Dhabi ?

Organic food is the new fad. And it’s here to stay as more and more people are realising adverse effect of consuming chemical-sprayed veggies and hormone-infused meat. Here is a list of shops and cafes in Abu Dhabi that stock the best organic stuff.

The Collection St. Regis Saadiyat

The Ripe market at The Collection is one of the most vibrant locations to get your organic fix. You can stock up on fresh farm-picked seasonal veggies, organic fruits, eggs and other gourmet products from this farmer’s market held every Friday.

YAS Farm

Want to order your organic supply for the week through Facebook or Instagram? This local farm run by Emirati Mohammad Salama takes orders for poultry including chicken, ducks, quail, turkey, pigeons and eggs on a weekly basis. The loyal customer base of YAS farm vouches for the taste and quality of its hormone-free poultry meat and vegetables.

Ripe Food & Craft Market

The immensely popular Ripe Food & Craft Market held at the renovated Mushrif Central Park every Saturday is the second pop-up market of Ripe produce in Abu Dhabi. Buzzing with live cooking stations, musicians, fitness workshops, artists and designers, the market makes for a perfect family outing while shopping for organic vegetables and fruits in Abu Dhabi. Every Saturday 4pm to 9pm.

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